13 Facts Every Tourist Must Know about Yetholm

Yetholm,located on the Scottish Borders, is a small village of no more than 1200 people in the Bowmont Water valley,at the opposite side of Kirk Yetholm, its town sister. If you love history, here are 13 facts about this amazing town.

1 Village in 2

Yetholm consists of two small villages – Kirk Yetholm and Town Yetholm. Although they are separated by the Bowmont Water valley and have small cultural differences, locals of both towns love each other.

13 Facts Every Tourist Must Know about Yetholm villate 2 - 13 Facts Every Tourist Must Know about Yetholm

The Gypsy King and Queen

During June each year it is celebrated for a week in the village. Two nice young adults are chosen to represent the village during the festival and go around the Scottish border in a parade.

An Artistic Village

Yetholm is a very cultural town. Every week a national program is offered and consists of several theatrical, comedy, and film performances for all tastes, ages, and family members. It is also a very musical town, with The Yetholm Sinfonia and The Yetholm Village Choir.

Scout’s favourite Place

In the first decades of the twentieth-century, scout troops often held Summer camps at Yetholm.

The Village Trip

Every year the entire village decamped for a day at the seaside. These carts carried people to Mindrum from where they caught the train to Spittal.

War Memorial

In April 1922,Sir George Douglas of Springwood Park built the War Memorial at the top between Kirk and the town of Yetholm. During World War I, groups of soldiers used to march through the town to recruit men. Twenty-three of Yetholm’s men were killed in the war.

Kirk Yetholm Fastens

The oldest man in the village threw the ball that started the “Ba’ Game”. There were also many other sports playing that day.

The Good Templars

The Good Templars were a Templar organization. They used to meet at Byewell Cottage, Town Yetholm and many members were the core of the group that founded Mission Hall.

A Touristic Place

Many charabanc tours visited the village in the 1920s and ’30s, filling Yetholm of life, money, and business-related activities.

The Free Church

The Free Church was built on 11 April 1882.

The Wauchope Memorial

In 1902, the Wauchope Monument was inaugurated. The whole town attended.

Yetholm Shepherds Show

Every year the Border Shepherds Show is organized and held on October’s first Saturday. The whole village meets, and a jury chooses the biggest sheep of all. Children play and have fun at this annual fair.

The Duke of Buccleuch’s Hunt

The Duke of Buccleuch’s Hunt is a foxhunt. It was founded in 1827 by Walter Montagu Douglas Scott, 5th Duke of Buccleuch.

Although Yetholm is a small town, it’s big on history. Its traditions are celebrated today, maintaining the magic of the town’s spirit, making all its members proud to be living here.

Every year, people from all over the world visit Yetholm to experience the town’s amazing scenery and go on tourist walks. If you get the chance, don’t hesitate to visit this majestic town, it will energize you!